. Chinese feng shui (pronounced "fung shway") has been practiced over 5000 years emerging in its present form through Grand Master Lin Yun who has taken into account modern technology, 21st century lifestyles, ecology, psychology, spirituality and western customs. Feng shui is now used and respected by architects, real estate developers, designers and corporate executives, who have seen the results that feng shui brings.

Through proper siting of your building or site corrections, placement of walls, windows, furnishings, plants and other items or minor adjustments to existing problem areas, stresses can be relieved, human relations improved, productivity increased and customers attracted to your business. Your home can become a place of serene, soul-nourishing sanctuary.

Everything is interconnected. Energy or chi (life force) runs through your dwelling and workspace the same way it runs through your body. External environments affect internal states of being. Issues such as poor health, limited finances or relationship difficulties can be traced to corresponding structural and energy imbalances in your surroundings. I can help you create an environment that supports your success, guides your spirit, enlivens your creativity, promotes your health and nurtures your relationships.

We will spend the first part of your consultation discussing your main objectives and concerns. After careful assessment of your space, adjustments and remedies tailored to your needs are suggested. These are often simple, fun and inexpensive. We uncover the heart and soul of your house, awaken the spirit of your business. Internal and external worlds are suddenly in harmony. This is like opening the floodgates of the sea of good fortune. Read this Amazing Testimonial

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Deanna Trust Feng Shui
How does chi move within your home? Watch Deanna as she prepares the space,
discusses the elements, color, order and balance in the home of a client. (2:32)

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Feng Shui and the 5 Elements (2:19)

Feng Shui and the Bedroom - Deanna Trust
Feng Shui and beauty sleep (5:21)

Deanna Trust's Feng Shui for Home Offices
Creating a Home Office that Creates Opportunities and Balance (3:13)

Deanna Trust Feng Shui and Your Business on NJ News 12
Feng Shui Principles for Business and Prosperity (5:32)

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