. Feng Shui Consultation for Your Home

Feng shui works by aligning the material realm - your buildings, furniture and furnishings - with the invisible flow of energy called "chi." Deanna Trust works on several levels to adjust the chi flow of your home, by suggesting decorating and design alterations which can be done at little or no cost. She may also suggest lifestyle shifts or sacred rituals that will bring a positive response in your home. She will treat your emotional and physical space with reverence, thereby adding immediate life-enhancing chi to your environment.

All of this happens during a walk through the building in which we talk about what is going on in the space. You are informed of everything your building and furnishings are saying in the language of feng shui and given exact guidance on how to create a harmonious and helpful environment.

* Fee: $630.00 for a six to eight hour consultation. A modified home consultation is arranged for minimum three hours at a fee of $360.00. If an additional hour is desired a fee of $90.00 for the hour will be charged. Cures, such as crystals and windchimes, are an additional nominal fee.

Feng Shui Consultation for Your Business Space

Feng shui can make your business space work as hard as a good employee. Every desk and chair is talking to your clients. Make sure you know what they are saying. Feng shui makes your business speak the environmental language of success. Without feng shui, your business space could be irritating, confining, depressing or limiting. It could turn clients away or otherwise cheat you out of everything you are working for. Don't let your building undermine your expertise.

Use feng shui to attract customers, show products, display history, provide mini-vacations, gather wealth, teach, recognize good deeds, encourage values, lead to agreements, bring out creativity, soothe tensions, stimulate well-being, increase status, unite you with the town, welcome guests, and make your day.

* Fee: $180.00 for the first hour consultation and $90.00 per hour for additional hours following. Cures, such as crystals and windchimes, are an additional nominal fee.

Follow-up Service: Fine Tune Your Feng Shui

Deanna visits your home or office to give your feng shui a restorative tune-up with the purpose of reviewing and upgrading your present feng shui.

* Fee: $180.00 for the first hour and $90.00 per hour for an additional hour if needed. Cures, such as crystals and windchimes, are an additional nominal fee.

Real Estate Consultation

Deanna will balance the home and property using basic feng shui techniques, opening the pathways to increase chi and flow. Space clearing and spiritual cleansing will transmute any pattterns that may be undesirable and potentially hold back the sale of the home. All real estate feng shuis receive special attention regarding curb appeal, entrances, color placement, and furniture placement. Secret ancient feng shui cures (not available in the Feng Shui for Real Estate Workshop) will be disclosed.

* Fee: $180.00 for the first hour and $90.00 per hour for additional hours if needed. Cures, such as crystals and windchimes, are an additional nominal fee

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Feng Shui Real Estate Report

Deanna enhances the sale of your home with a Feng Shui Report highlighting the home’s fine feng shui aspects. This additional marketing tool will expand opportunities for the sale of your home.  Click for a sample report on an anonymous home whose street address is #6 (referred to in the report as "6 Tomahawk Rd."

* Fee: $270 for the written report created from the floor plan you supply.

Interdimensional Clearing

Deanna will clear and balance all energies with the help of her spiritual staff found in the four dimensions of life as we know it. The Interdimensional can be applied to beneficial change in all life conditions such as financial, health, relationships, career, family, business, real estate, and home and office environments.

There are two dimensions located underground, which have a strong influence on our well being. If either of these dimensions are out of balance because of detrimental underground life including vortexes created from converging streams, hazardous toxic waste energies, and/or troubled ancestral energies, the consequent energy patterns created can drain us of valuable life force energy, causing imbalance illness and stress.

The third dimension is our physical dimension and Deanna's clearing includes transmutation of all harmful energies known on our physical plane. These energies are categorized as stuck mental energy, highly concretized emotional energy, negative entity energy, predecessor energy, and stagnation due to strong clutter. Some negative karmic patterns are transmuted with this powerful clearing, as well.

The fourth dimension of the pairs of opposites are blended and balanced, and the final outcome is a presence of the sublime fifth dimensional energy comprised of unconditional love and the eternal realm of pure awareness filtering through the environment — similar to a permanent fountain.

Deanna does this clearing from her Sacred Space in Denville, NJ.
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* Fee: $360.00

Feng Shui for the Classroom

Deanna meets one-on-one with the teacher in his/her classroom to create a meaningful instructional environment that supports cooperation, stability, and receptivity. Deanna will work with plants, classroom objects, furnishings, color and placement to bring out the best in your students.

* Fee: $180.00 for the first hour and $90.00 per hour for additional hours if needed. Cures, such as crystals and windchimes, are an additional nominal fee.

Beauty, Bedroom and The Beast

Treat yourself to a bedroom feng shui! The bedroom is the most important room in your house, in terms of its influence in your life. Let your personal chi and goals dictate the colors, placement, shapes and objects that best promote your beauty, health, wealth, loving relationships, stability, and dreams come true.

* Fee:$180.00 for the first hour and $90.00 per hour for additional hours if needed. Cures, such as crystals and windchimes, are an additional nominal fee.

Gift Certificates Available!

Deanna's Feng Shui Party in Your Home

Party guests bring a floor plan of their home or bedroom, depending on the party selected, and have fun learning feng shui for harmony and love. Deanna provides party gifts in keeping with the party spirit.

* Fee: $250.00 for a 2-hour party presentation

Feng Shui for Your Business Card and Web Page

Deanna balances your invaluable small environment (your business card and web page) to create a color, symbol, and placement message that conveys a truthful and inviting representation of you and the nature of your business. This feng shui provides a success tool for your business and persona.

* Fee: $180.00 for the first hour and $90.00 per hour for additional hours if needed.

Feng Shui Readings by Deanna

Deanna offers a personalized feng shui reading for beauty, fashion, and health. Working with each client's five-element "fingerprint," she recommends colors, shapes, line, and make-up best suited to their personal chi. Recommendations may also be made for personalized bedroom feng shui and auto feng shui. Let Deanna dowse your chi to enlighten you with age-old principals to increase your modern-age awareness of beauty, relaxation, and health.

*Fee: $30.00 for a half hour.
Vendors, please contact Deanna for flat hourly rate for multiple readings.


A 10% deposit is required for all rescheduled visits and a 48-hour cancellation policy is in effect. There is an additional travel fee if the total distance for travel exceeds 36 miles for feng shuis.

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