Deanna is often called “Corinne Dunbar” of New Jersey for the Salons and Teas she hosts at the Casterline Inn. Please click on the icons below to learn about the stimulating salons she offers and the sumptuous five-course luncheons she prepares for her guests.

Capture the adventure of Feng Shui Teas at Deanna's mystical Copper Grotto
Tea Room in her much publicized home, lovingly named The Casterline Inn.

Romance yourself with six antique tavern table tops magically adorned with blue celestite, amethysts and rock quartz crystals, sentimental jewelry, sacred objects of your choice, blue glass Victorian napkin holders, and art miniatures that entertain the spirit and relax the soul. Enjoy the hug of pumpkin orange walls and pirate-like copper pieces strewn on the floor, all whispering the tale of the Copper Grotto
Feng Shui Tea.

Enjoy pre-tea hors d'oeuvres in one of two place: the sanctuary parlor, clad with beautiful ecclesiastical antiques and art from around the world, or down Deanna's woodsy path where canapes can be enjoyed from tree stump tables amidst the glory of Nature's surround.

Feng Shui readings and programs are available upon request.

Teas are available for 8 to 24 people starting at $42.00 per person.

Teas must be scheduled three weeks in advance. 30% deposit required at time of booking.

Cancellation policy: 72-hour notice required for full refund. After that time, sorry no refunds.

The White Rabbit Tea

Enjoy an Alice in Wonderland melange of moods during this six-course Mad Hatter chatter promising curiouser and curiouser until your heart beats rhythmically at the looking glass dessert platter. A provocative experience promising happy memories for a lifetime matter.
The French Impressionist Tea

Mingle with the genius of Monet, Degas, Toulouse-Lautrec, Cassat, Manet, Pisarro and Renoir to the beat of their favorite recipes guaranteed to ignite desire and flamboyount rendering in each and every sensual blending. Beguile to thier favorite tunes, photos in their home environments and stories of their impassioned lives. Connect to your inner artist at The French Impressionist Tea.
The Simply Indigenous Tea

Be party to the fare and fancy of teas celebrated around the world: in the lively tastes of the Caribbean, the reflection of the Russian samovar, the earthiness of Africa, the flavor of the Native American pumpkin and the Moroccan mint, the ancient wisdom of Indian teas, and the Zen of the Japanese ritual. Wear any hat you want, and enjoy the eclectic experience of the Simply Indigenous Tea and Oneness with All That Is.