Growth from a 2-Person to a 100-Person Office

"Deanna has been a God-sent gift for us. Deanna did feng shui in our two-person office. It helped us to get a bigger office, and within two years, we had 100+ people in our employ. After that I asked Deanna to feng shui our home. It has helped us improve our overall happiness and peace in the house. I highly recommend Deanna; she can change your world. Your investment in Deanna will come back many times more."

- S.G. , Princeton, NJ
Entrepreneur, owner of a call center

An Investment that Always Pays Big Dividends

"I am truly grateful for the profound effects of Deanna's Interdimensional Clearings on my home, the homes of my daughters, and of my business. Deanna's deep connection with the Source facilitates blessings of Divine Love to pour forth repeatedly. It has been my experience that all flourishes in the light of Deanna's work. My investment in this work has always paid big dividends."

- D.D. , NJ mother, grandmother, and clothing designer/businesswoman

Read the complete article written by Bill Primavera, "You May Not Believe This Personal Story, but I Swear It's True," which appeared in the Westchester Examiner and other tri-state publications.

International Art Sales After Working with Deanna

"I had the privilege of hearing Deanna speak in N.Y. and then had a workshop with her along with a few other colleagues. As I consider myself to be an avid student of Feng Shui, I was not prepared for the amount of new information that would be coming from Deanna. Right then and there, I decided to schedule a private session with her in my home and was thrilled to spend hours in her company learning, assessing, reflecting, and eventually shifting layers of unnecessary obstacles, if not blockages, from my home -- both a physical one and an inner one. Deanna impressed me greatly with her knowledge and with her ability to tie in feng shui's practical application with her own intuition and spirituality. She lives and breathes feng shui.

"An image that comes to mind to metaphorically describe the experience that I had in the days and weeks following Deanna’s work on my home, is a breath of fresh air flowing through my personal relationships and career, creating clarity within. After a short while, I felt things start to unfold as offers came in, leading to one successful project after another. With them my creativity expanded and I was able to tackle far greater projects than what I had been doing thus far. It felt as if something were shifting, as uncertainty and confusion made room for clarity, confidence, and productivity. I have deep gratitude for Deanna."

- S.W, New York City
Mixed mixed media.artist, now internationally recognized with shows in big galleries in Israel, Paris and other European cities

Disaster Seemed Inevitable...What We Found Was Literally Miraculous

"In October of 2012, the weather forecasts predicted the possible devastation expected by Hurricane Sandy. Listening to these predictions, I immediately thought to call Deanna to employ her services for our family home on the beach in Sea Girl and for MORE...

- D.P. , Morristown & Sea Girt, NJ

From Near Divorce to a Deepening Marriage and Dream Job

“My wife served me with divorce papers unexpectedly and I counseled with my sister who told me to give Deanna Trust a call. I subsequently hired Deanna to do the Interdimensional Clearing to open the space for healing for me and my wife. I did not want the divorce. Within nine days I was back in the house and the healing began; we are presently happily living together and are deepening our marriage and love for each other.

“Then, not too long ago, I lost my job. I knew to call Deanna since she had been so helpful in my marriage dilemma. She counseled with me, did the Interdimensional Healing, and within three weeks I was pleasantly employed in what I consider to be my dream job. I am a conservative middle-aged man who recommends Deanna's services to those who want positive, incisive spiritual healing in their life.

- H.B., New York, NY

Positively Shifting the Energy of Home and Personal Life

“I moved into a new home at a time when my life was filled with unrest. I was feeling anxious, unsettled, depressed, and unhappy. A friend recommended DeannaTrust and her services to me, and my instinct compelled me to contact her. Deanna came to my home and suggested many helpful ways I could shift the energy of my home and my own personal energy more positively. I followed her suggestions and I as I did so, Deanna’s compassionate and knowledgeable presence was with me every step of the way.

“After working with Deanna, I quickly noticed my home feeling lighter and more comfortable to be in. It used to be that I frequently had to replace light bulbs in my home and frequently had problems with a TV repeatedly malfunctioning in one of the rooms. After implementing Deanna’s Feng Shui cures, the TV problems disappeared…immediately. And now,  I RARELY ever change a light bulb.

“I also noticed things in my personal life shift in wonderful ways that I never would have anticipated. The angst I felt prior to working with Deanna dissipated and was replaced with a greater sense of peace. Thank you Deanna, for all you have done for me. I would never be where I am now without your guidance and support, and I am deeply grateful.”

- S.S., Chatham, NJ
Corporate manager

My Life Changed the Day I Met Deanna

"My life changed the day I met Deanna. She has helped my health on numerous occasions. She helped me during tremendous business challenges. My marriage has improved with her assistance, and when people enter my home, they always say, 'I don't want to leave, it feels so good in here and so peaceful!' I cannot say enough good things about Deanna's talents as well as the fact the she is a wonderful person."

- D.S. , New Canaan, CT

Great Insight, Intuitive Ability, and Awareness

"My husband Greg and I met Deanna when she presented a lecture for Weichert Realty a number of years ago. It was a lecture planned to gain knowledge about our clients’ needs, however it proved very valuable to Greg and me personally.

"Deanna assisted us in selling two homes, both of which sold for a great price, and she is currently working with us so our new home is a place filled with love, comfort, and security. During our visits with Deanna she also provides us with great insight as to where we are now and where we are headed. She has great intuitive ability and awareness.

"Deanna has never shown us anything but love and respect and I am sure that she treats every relationship with the same respect and caring. I have never doubted her recommendations, as my life is filled with love, comfort, and security. I have no reservations to attributing it to her wonderful assistance and support. She is now and will remain a great source of assistance and friendship in our well-being. I cannot thank her enough.

- A.M. & G.M., South Carolina & New Jersey

The Only House Sale Tool That Worked

“We love Trust Feng Shui! Our house was on the market for ten months. Although it is a great house, it has a long steep driveway, which turned a lot of buyers off. We tried many marketing strategies and the only one that worked was Trust Feng Shui.

“The day after Deanna came to our house, a buyer who said they were not going to proceed with the purchase changed their mind and made an offer. The inspection and purchase proceeded smoothly with no glitches. Deanna is a great resource and is very helpful keeping things on the right path. I would never buy another house without Deanna's input.”

- S.S., Morris county, NJ

An Expert at Getting Energy Moving

“Deanna has the tools to encourage energy flow in the Divine right direction, not just for me, but for others I have referred to her. Your house won't sell? Need a better job? More abundance and better health? Wherever you're stuck, it always seems to be on an energetic level and Deanna is an expert at getting it moving, problems resolved, and creatively growing solutions. I recommend her profound remote and on-site healings for people and forhomes.”

- B.T., Long Island

The Power to Find Lost Objects

“I attest to the power of feng shui and dowsing to find that which is lost! Anyone who has experienced a move knows that it can be very stressful. Even when important documents are carefully packed ‘in a safe place’ they can easily get lost with the chaos of the move. That was our experience when we couldn't find our blank bank checks! After searching in all the obvious and not so obvious places, my next step was to go to our bank and have all our account numbers changed.

“Fortunately, the power of feng shui saved us. Deanna Trust worked with us and was immediately directed to our lost checks. We were so relieved and thankful for the power of her work.”

- W.H., Morristown, NJ

Eternally Grateful for Her Guidance

"Deanna's help has been like magic.  I had her do a feng shui and Interdimensional Clearing when my husband was very ill, in fact dying; I never lost sleep during or after. My house was tranquil and prepared. Deanna's treatments allowed me to find an apartment, short-term, that was paradise for me, and very quickly allowed the location (in a new state and city) and perfect property to show itself to me. The flow of light and design is superior -- my oasis! I am eternally grateful for this guidance. I would never consider moving forward without Deanna’s help."

- Adele Godino, North Carolina

Immensely Helpful in Personal and Business Life

“Deanna Trust is a wonderful person with an immense ability to help others.  Her expertise in her field is like no others. She has helped me and my wife in our personal and business life tremendously.  Before meeting Deanna, our lives were like a roller coaster. Since then she has given our home harmony, our business now thrives, and our health is dynamic. As realtors, Deanna is our first and only option to continued success. We love Deanna and recommend her to anyone who seeks fulfillment and prosperity in their lives.”

- A.A. & A.G., Queens, NY

Making a Home an Oasis

“I just love the sense of harmony and fulfillment that I have since Deanna  feng shui’ed our home. Life just seems to work and I love the way my home looks, now that it is balanced with the five elements, color, and placement that I love. When I walk into my house after being away, I feel like I have entered an oasis.”

- J.E., Montville, NJ

Remote Services Transform a Home

“The ordinary became extraordinary with the touch of Deanna Trust and her feng shui and interior design skills. My husband and I are enjoying the intimate nooks she created for us and the increased communication skills we have gained by hiring her to transform our home with our goals in mind. Her insight and remote services were very convenient and beneficial to us. We couldn't be happier.”  

- S.O., British Virgin Islands

Balancing Life, Home, and Career for More Than 20 Years

“Deanna's work has continued to balance my life, my home, and my career for the last twenty years. When I feel I am in need of an adjustment or cleanse, she is ready to assist and things are back in balance again.”

- I.C., Dallas, Texas
Multiple homeowner in several states

Six Month Selling and Buying Miracle

“Deanna has been an integral person in our lives since we met up with her and her services. In the last six years that we have been working with Deanna, she has helped us tremendously and never ceases to amaze us with her kindness and expertise. With Deanna's assistance we miraculously sold our home to wonderful buyers for the price we wanted and found our dream home all in six months time. We are forever grateful for all the joy Deanna has brought into our lives.”

- S F., Jersey shore area

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

My husband and I just wanted you to know what transpired since you left our home last week. As you know, his construction projects had wound down considerably and he had been looking for new work, but hadn't received any leads. Since you visited one week ago he has received seven calls for jobs. Thanks again for doing what you do.

- G.B., Long Island, NY

A Brighter, Happier Life

“Deanna Trust provides various services which truly changed my life, guiding me with her valuable insight to a brighter, happier life. My personal intentions came true and true deep spiritual healing manifested. I highly recommend her feng shui and Interdimensional healing services, which are conducive to positive life-changing experiences. Deanna is a pleasure to work with and a true professional.”

- S.H., New Hope, PA
Holistic practitioner

Interdimensional Services Increase Success of Fundraiser

“I am the director of a large, prestigious, non-profit organization. I hire Deanna Trust's remote Interdimensional services to clear and transmute the hotel’s grand ballroom where we hold our major fundraiser of the year. Although, the work is not totally quantifiable, I do believe our increased success has been proffered by Deanna Trust's remote Interdimensional Healing.”

- M.T., New York, NY

Entertainer's Success Zenithed with Deanna

“My husband is an entertainer and we begin most all his major performances with an Interdimensional for Success for the performance. Since starting this tradition his success has zenithed. He has entered more respectable circles and has received extreme favorable press. We are grateful and plan to continue with Deanna's remote Interdimensional work.”

- T.M., Los Angeles, CA      

"This Street Smart Mystic Taught Me Strategy..."

"Over eight years of having Deanna Trust in my life include many incarnations of sacred spaces, enchanting salons, workshops, and new worlds. Her teaching haven is like a love child of Aladdin's cave and an Impressionist's soirée with exotic teas.  

"This street smart mystic taught me strategy with a hefty dose of magic and healing to bring coin and clients. She hung crystals, cleared my space, and taught me to read the clues in floor plans. She colored me -- wardrobe to walls -- for power, beauty and light. Each New Year, I tingle as she calls my colors and reads my chi -- that's just for some extra magic and fun.

- V.V., Bedminster, NJ
Nutritionist and personal coach

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