Feng Shui for Garden and Home with Deanna Trust

Designed for garden organizations, this program is about creating a serene or dynamic Feng Shui garden, the 5 Elements of Feng Shui, and the use of Color and Objects to flow the Chi and deepen pleasure with the Laws of Nature.

Deanna conducts a magical romantic journey into the world of beauty, flowers, and garden design working with the tenets of Feng Shui. Each student will learn how to create gardens -- both indoor and outdoor -- that support the soul nourishing environment we so richly deserve. A presentation on Feng Shui for the interior of the home will serve as a springboard for the exterior landscape and garden design lesson.

Deanna has participated with the Speaker's Bureau for the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York Garden Clubs. Her talks have been enjoyed at the Frelinghuysen Arboretum in Morris Plains, NJ, Winterthur, New Castle County, DE, and at the prestigious Sands Point Garden Club, NY, and the Wave Hill Gardens in Bronx, NY on the Hudson.

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• $180 for one-hour program
• $250-$360 for two-hour program, with members bringing in home floor plans for discussion
• An additional travel fee may be charged if the total distance for travel exceeds 36 miles.

. Feng Shui for Real Estate with Deanna Trust

Understand the popular subject of Feng Shui, often viewed on HG TV particularly related to selling and marketing homes in today's times. Increase your marketing skills through your knowledge of the ancient Chinese art of placement, that relates to the flow of positive life force energy (chi) in our surroundings. Learn to invite, maintain, and grow this valuable life force energy in all real estate environments-and watch your sales potential grow! You'll find this seminar valuable for training in house staging and ethnic diversity awareness. In her seminar, realtors will work with a copy of their home floor plans for study reference and will receive special Feng Shui gifts.

Topics will include:
•• Exciting Real Estate Feng Shui makeovers
•• Curb appeal and bringing chi to the front door
•• Smart color choices that work with the Laws of Nature
•• The psychology of numbers in today''s market
•• The five red flags related to Real Estate and Feng Shui
•• Putting together an inexpensive Real Estate Feng Shui kit

$270 - Click for PDF Real Estate Workshop Flyer

Click to read a fabulous recommendation by "The Home Guru" Bill Primavera of William Raveis Real Estate.

Feng Shui & Quantum Medicine with Deanna Trust

Experience 18 hours of transformational teaching by Deanna, with six 3-hour classes held in her elegant home. Learn to advance your consciousness and live in bliss with this exciting knowledge.

Topics will include:

•• Origins of Feng Shui, the I-Ching, and Conscious Quantum Medicine
•• Yin-Yang Energies and Truthful Balance
•• The Bagua and the Creative Cycle of Change
•• Personal journey to understanding your Home and Career environment
(Bring a floor plan of your home and career environment)
•• The Family of Man Placement in your home
•• Vibrational Listening and Feng Shui
•• Extraordinary Feng Shui Cures


Feng Shui & Dowsing Bootcamp with Deanna Trust
Beginners are especially welcome - no experience necessary.

At her beautiful woodland home in Denville, New Jersey...along the magical path...to the portal on the fairy ring, connecting to the heightened energies of the elementals, you will:

•• Take a daylong dive into the ancient art and science of Feng Shui and Dowsing
•• Learn to work with the pendulums and divining rods
•• Determine weak areas of your home and detrimental areas, if they exist
•• Remedy or clear them with Feng Shui cures and Dowsing techniques
•• Enhance your self-awareness, quality of life, and the spiritual I.Q. of your home

BONUS! Deanna will work with the student's floor plans and the Map of Consciousness

Dowsing tools will be available for purchase.

Feng Shui with Deanna Trust

Use "environmental energy" to your advantage and reap the benefits of a happier, healthier life! Understanding Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement, will help you uncover natural balance and harmony in your surroundings, and improve the quality of your personal and professional life experience.

Proper placement of colors, shapes, and furnishings — and cures such as mirrors, plants and lights — can transform your environment into the soul-nourishing sanctuary you so richly deserve. Let the valuable techniques of Feng Shui become a tool for positive transformation in areas of health, finances, relationships, creativity, and self-awareness.

Topics in this informative and lively slide presentation include:

•• Feng Shui basics and the laws of nature
•• Application of the five elements and their signatures
•• Inviting pathways and front door savvy
•• Power furniture placement & working with Feng Shui objects
•• The five red flags in house selection and floor plans
•• Bathroom & bedroom Feng Shui


Feng Shui Classes in the Home of Deanna Trust

Explore the exquisite depth and beauty of Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement. Join Deanna in her frequently publicized and televised Morris County home as she unmasks the multifold mystical and spiritual aspects of Feng Shui. Tea and crumpets are standard fare for all classes.

Topics in this multi-session program include:
• Meditation on the bagua
• Application of the five elements and their signatures
• Inviting pathways and front door savvy
• Working with your floor plan
• Discovering the weak area of your home & correction know-how
• Power furniture placement & working with Feng Shui objects
• The five red flags in house selection and floor plans
• Bathroom & bedroom Feng Shui
• Your personal chi and colors best for you

From $180 to $360

Private sessions available at $540

Bedroom Feng Shui

Learn how to empower your life using "environmental medicine" in the most influential of all rooms, the one we spend approxiamately one third of our life in - the quintessential bedroom. Proper use and understanding of bedroom feng shui can promise balance in your life, magnetize love in personal relationships, increase wealth and prosperity, and anchor health and a strong sense of personal well-being.

An understanding of the yin and yang principals regulating the quality of our sleep, relaxation, fantasies, and dreams will be highlighted. Principals in furniture selection and placement of art, furnishings, and objects to attract that which we truly desire will be elucidated. Entertaining dowsing demonstrations on determining personal chi quotients that dictate color palettes for our bedroom, to create the soul-nurturing quality we so richly deserve, are generously offered.

Participants may bring their bedroom floor plans for discussion.

A Bedroom Feng Shui Handout and Valentine will be included in the program.

$180.00 for a one-hour program

An additional travel fee may be charged if the total distance for travel exceeds 36 miles.

Feng Shui, Fashion and Beauty

Join long-time image consultant, Deanna Trust, for this unique beauty and fashion expose. During the program, Deanna will study various participants' essences from the inside out, working with Feng Shui's five element theory to create a beauty portrait system both personalized and powerful. This includes colors to wear (and not wear), silhouettes in fashion best to wear, make-up best suited for one's face, and flattering hairstyles.

Deanna "dowses" participants' inner chi palette to determine fashion and beauty recommendations based on one's water, wood, fire, earth, and metal composition. According to Deanna, the revealing and balancing of one's personal chi will open all doors for increasing greater personal happiness, confidence, beauty and success. Guidelines will be stated regarding which colors, shapes and silhouettes best enhance, harmonize, and balance personal chi. Attention will be given to imbalances and how they are best corrected, again working with the dicatates of feng shui, nature, and design to allow our optimum self to emerge.

Request the program today to optimize ancient wisdom for contemporary beauty and presentation solutions.

$180.00 for a one-hour program

An additional travel fee may be charged if the total distance for travel exceeds 36 miles.



$250 for a two-hour program.

An additional travel fee may be charged if the total distance for travel exceeds 36 miles.

Feng Shui Business Success

Create a prototype for professional success working with the tenets of office feng shui. Learn how to balance water, wood, fire, earth and metal elements to invite balance into your world. Develop know-how in placing art, objects, color, and furnishings to serve as a vision template for ALL you desire to manifest in your life.

Discover feng shui secrets of the rich and famous (including our President of the United States!) that will augment feelings of command and lessen unwanted vulnerable sensations.

Some personal "chi dowsing" demonstrations will be included to elucidate how personal chi affects the implementation of one's feng shui.

Feng Shui for Business Success lends itself to holistic practitioners in their holistic environments.

$180.00 for a one-hour program.

An additional travel fee may be charged if the total distance for travel exceeds 36 miles.

The Art of Feng Shui in the Educational Environment

Does your classroom need a facelift? Gather around Feng Shui Practitioner and Master of Environmental Harmony Deanna Trust to learn Feng Shui for your classroom.

Use Feng Shui, the Chinese art of placement and design, to create a relaxed classroom environment conducive to greater learning and fewer disciplinary issues.

As discussed in the NJEA Review (1/03), you can enliven and enlighten your teaching space with nature's age-old principles that promise increased order, clarity, purpose, and creativity.

Work with the bagua that has been prepared for you to learn placement of all furnishings and objects in your classroom with a highlight on color feng shui to invite happiness and success in all your classroom endeavors.

Comments from teachers following their Classroom Feng Shui:

"My classroom became a blueprint for success."

"A new sense of order prevailed and my students
responded positively to placement and colors that invite stability and a strong sense of belonging."

"I never thought placing a yellow cube mobile
in the center of the classroom could make such a positive shift in the overall mood in my classroom, but it did!"

$180 for a one-hour presentation

$250 for a two-hour session


A 10% deposit is required for all rescheduled visits and a 48-hour cancellation policy is in effect. There is an additional travel fee if the total distance for travel exceeds 36 miles for feng shuis.

Personalized Classes In Deanna's Home - See Workshops/Classes

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